Camembert 250gr

Country of origin:

Made from no
pasteurized milk
Type: soft
Aroma: fresh, milky
Vegetarian: yes
Aged 1 months
White dry wine
45+% f.i.d.m. Rennet type

AMD 3990

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The Camembert cheese is a cheese made from raw milk with soft-heart. The type of Camembert cheese has French origin, these cheeses have a white edible crust and a soft white cheese heart. Very fine cheese the Camembert is excellent heated and savored with some fresh vegetables. The typical hints of this cheese are milk and the taste of cream.


Pasteurized milk, salt, microbiological milk-clotting enzyme, mesophilic cultures of lactic acid bacteria, cultures for aging. Sterilized product. Mass fraction of fat 25%, mass fraction of fat in dry matter – 50%.

Nutritional Values

Protein: 19.00 g
Fats: 25.00 g
Carbohydrates: 0.50 g
Energy value: 303.00 kcal