Serving Board Friends M

10 year guarantee

Refrigerator safe

Dishwasher safe

Made in Europe

Award winner

AMD 17600



Cheese & Tapas Board Friends M

Do you have something to celebrate? Or are you just winding down on the couch? The Serving Board Friends M always makes for good company. Use this smart, rectangular design, no less than 40 cm long (not counting the handle), to present cheesy bites, dips, tapas, and other hors d’oeuvres. That’ll catch everyone’s eyes!


Thanks to its handy size, this board is well-suited to every occasion. The oak wood material gives the board a stylish look, but it also means that it’ll last you for years. Extend the lifespan of the board by using the Boska Cheese Board Oil (320080). A couple of sprays is enough to protect it from unfriendly odors and stains.

Easy to store

This cheese board will catch eyes due to its rustic appearance and tasteful detailing. On top of that, its size makes it perfect for a delicious cheese board. It’s also easy to store. The rectangular design means that you can easily put the board back in your cupboards or hang it by its handle on the wall after use.

Aside from this size M, this board is also available in XL, L, and S.