Partyclette® ToGo Taste

AMD 12900



Partyclette® ToGo Taste

The Partyclette® To Go Taste lets you melt cheese anytime, anywhere. This portable set is heated by the three included tea lights. In just four minutes, your cheesy party is ready to go! It’s delicious at the park, at friends’ houses, or, for example, on your patio. With this Partyclette®, there’s always something to celebrate!

A welcome guest

The stylish touches of dark wood and the practical design make this a welcome guest at parties. Vegetarians will be ecstatic. Got a barbecue? Put the pan on there and in no time you’ll have delicious melted cheese, perfect for your hamburger. The raclette comes with a handy spatula. The spatula fits the cheese pan (the Barbeclette®) precisely, so that you can remove the cheese from the pan really easily. You’ll be pouring that yummy cheese over your fresh bread, favorite nachos, or crispy crackers in a flash.

Fun gift!

Thanks to the non-stick coating and the sleek design, the pan is easy to clean. The compact format means storage is super simple. It’s ready for the next party! Looking for gift ideas? This is a great product to give to your family and friends.