Cheese Slicer Milano Plus

10 year guarantee

Refrigerator safe

Dishwasher safe

Made in Europe

Award winner

AMD 8900



Cheese Slicer Amsterdam

Thanks to the handle with its SoftGrip+ coating, the Cheese Slicer Amsterdam lies comfortably in your hand. That’s a huge advantage if you’re slicing a lot of cheese. The unique triangle shaped design helps stabilize your steering while you slice. That means your slices will come out even more beautifully!

The ideal cheese slicer

The cheese slicer is suitable for hard and semi-hard cheese. The cheese slicer’s blade is made out of one piece of high quality stainless steel. That makes the cheese slicer extra sturdy. Even after intense use, the cheese slicer will stay sharp for a long time.

A one-time purchase

Is your cheese slicer dirty? No problem. Put it in the dishwasher, and you’ll be ready to slice again in no time. The cheese slicer comes with a 10 year guarantee. This one-time purchase will set you up to slice the most beautiful slices of cheese for years to come!