Semi Soft Cheese Knife Amsterdam

AMD 7800



Semi Soft Cheese Knife Amsterdam

The Semi Soft Cheese Knife Amsterdam is perfect for cutting soft and semi-hard cheeses. There’s a Swiss cheese pattern of holes in the blade, which means there’s less contact between the cheese and the knife. This enables you to cut through the cheese with ease. That’s a smart move by Boska… Take advantage of it!

SoftGrip+ design

The ergonomic SoftGrip+ coating on the handle gives you an extra firm grip and more control while cutting. The knife is a beautiful combination of plastic and stainless steel. All in all, you’ve got a knife that will lie comfortably in your hand. Want to hand over a piece of cheese, without touching it yourself? Use the forked tip to pick up some cheese and pass it around.

Cut up your favorite cheeses

Don’t feel like washing up by hand? No problem. This cheese knife can go straight in the dishwasher after use. It also comes with a 10 year guarantee. That means you’re set to keep cutting your favorite cheeses for a long time to come!