Trio Formaggio

AMD 3700



Trio Formaggio

Want to grate some delicious, fresh cheese while you’re sitting at the dining table? Go for it, with the Trio Formaggio! This stylish cheese grater will let you grate cheese exactly the way you want it: coarse, fine, or powdered. You can also use it to grate carrots, chocolate, or cucumbers with ease!

Special cheese grater

The Trio Formaggio is a special cheese grater. You can use it to grate basically every kind of semi-hard to hard cheese. Whether you want big flakes or fine powdered cheese, the Trio Formaggio can get the job done. Time to wash up? After use, the grater can go straight in the dishwasher!

Intense flavor

The grater is an ideal tool in the kitchen and at the dining table. That’s because while you grate cheese, it becomes oxygenated. That means the flavor becomes even more intense. It’s delicious on your pasta, pizza, or in soup!