Raclette truffle


Cow milk
creamy cheese
Saturated with
a milky taste
at least 4 months

White dry wine
45% f.i.d.m. Rennet type: animal

AMD 2900

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Swiss semi-hard cheese with delicate and buttery flesh made from pasteurized cow’s milk of alpine cows. Raclette truffle  cheese is the basis of the oldest alpine dish of the same name “Raclette”, which, like Fondue, is prepared from molten cheese. The molten cheese with a golden crust has a rich island flavor with milk and creamy notes. The cheese is aged 4-6 months. During this time, it forms a rather dense, elastic pulp, which melts perfectly, emitting a rich smell of mycelium, at the same time melt and fry the cheese on a special tabletop oven – rakletnitsa, and then scrape it with a spoon or a special spatula – a racquet knife. Raclette is suitable for any good white wine or beer.