Creamy Goat Blue


Goat milk
Mild, blue

creamy cheese

Creamy taste
at least 4 months

Red dry wine
50% f.i.d.m. Rennet type: animal

AMD 2450

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Goat cheese Blue , a very tasty, is made in the traditional way for many years. Then the Goat Blue matures on untreated wooden shelves in the cheese warehouse of  Van Der Brukkelen Kaas, until they have the perfect taste. The benefits of goat’s milk are well known. The cheese retains all its properties and vitamins. Goat  cheese is a suitable alternative for people with cow’s milk allergy. Of course Goat Blue a delicious combination that we would like to offer. This cheese is blue which make it a delicious cheese for a cheese platter, in salads or other dishes.

Dilano Goat Honey 50% f.i.d.m.

Age: at least 4 months