Semi Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+

AMD 13100



Semi Soft Cheese Knife Monaco+ No.4

You can dominate every soft and semi-hard cheese with the Cheese Knife Cheesy Monaco+. This top quality knife is part of the Monaco+ series, into which we’ve poured over 120 years of experience. This is the perfect knife for true cheese connoisseurs and home cooks.

The ultimate cheese knife for soft and semi-hard cheese

Do you like cooking or are you crazy about cheese? Then this cheese knife is an essential tool for your kitchen. It provides the perfect solution for cutting soft and semi-hard cheese. The holes in the blade enable you to cut cheese while encountering less resistance. Aside from that, there’s also less contact with the cheese due to the non-stick coating and the quilted pattern. Both of these qualities prevent the cheese from sticking to the blade. The knife is also extra sharp, as it has been sharpened on both sides, which lets the knife cut through tougher rinds. All of this combined makes serving soft and semi-hard cheeses a piece of cake.

Multi-functional knife

Did you just cut up your favorite cheese? Pick it up with the two points on the end of the blade. This way, you can hand someone a piece of the cheese without touching it by hand. The cheese knife is easy to clean. Let it take a spin in the dishwasher, and it’ll be good to go. This knife comes with a 10 year guarantee. That way, you’ll be able to cut the most delicious soft and semi-hard cheeses with ease with the Cheese Knife Cheesy Monaco+ for many years to come.