Dome for Cheese Curler

AMD 7900



Dome for Cheese Curler

This dome has been specially designed for cheese curlers. It’s super handy! Store the cheese on the cheese curler under this dome, and it won’t dry out. On top of that, the cheese will stay fresh for longer, and the aromas of the cheese will be preserved.

The cheese stays fresh

The dome fits the Cheese Curler Marble, Taste, Amsterdam, and Geneva. It enables you to not have to repack the cheese and clean the curler every time. Leave it under the dome for a while, and the cheese will stay fresh. The dome is dishwasher safe and comes with a 10 year guarantee!

Handy writable surface

Not sure when you first cut up the cheese? No worries! The dome has an area that is writable, and you can mark the date on there. That way, you’ll always be sure that your food is still fresh.