Cheese Curler Amsterdam

AMD 24000



Cheese Curler Amsterdam

Want to garnish your meal with paper-thin cheese curls? Do it with the Cheese Curler Amsterdam. The garnish is delicious on top of your favorite Italian pasta or a fresh salad. Try putting the curler out during your next happy hour. Let your guests nibble away!

Handy cheese curler

Place a Tête de Moine cheese fresh out of the refrigerator on the pin, push it through, and start turning the cheese curler in a clockwise direction. In no time, you’ll have a fun, gold-tinged presentation. It’s twisted but delicious! The plastic and stainless steel design is really easy to clean, because the curler can go straight in the dishwasher. The cheese curler comes with a 10 year guarantee!

Perfect cheese & chocolate curls

You can also create perfect curls of chocolate. They’re great for a high tea or a dessert. With a chocolate curl, you’ll have the ideal finishing touch for your delicious bites.