Cheese Board Fantasy 50cm

Cheese Chutney
Olives Sausages
Fruits Nuts

AMD 59000



Any great meeting, be it business, corporate, family becomes unforgettable and wonderful with our cheese boards. We can assemble boards for up to 30 people. From different types of cheese, fruits, sausages, in short everything that you and our endless imagination will do.
So make your evenings more memorable and warm with a glass of wine and this wonderful cheese set. Assembling an impressive holiday cheese board is easy as pie and will knock your guests’ socks off. Easy entertaining? Sorted! Cheese. Glorious, wonderful, fantastic cheese. I love a good cheese platter and the holidays simply don’t feel like the holidays unless I work in at least one epic cheese board. What I love so much about a cheese board is that it is completely adaptable to different seasons and occasions. For my festive cheese boards, I always like to include something really Christmassy (think Mince pies or festive chocolate). The secret to a really good  board is variety. You want to give your guests loads of choices and so I always recommend at adding four or five different cheeses. Add pickles, preserves, crackers and breads of your choice and add a few slices of good charcuterie or a pot of Pâté for the meat lovers.

Cheese Board Fantasy 50cm