All Purpose Knife Amsterdam

AMD 7800



All Purpose Knife Amsterdam

Use the All Purpose Knife Amsterdam to cut soft and semi-hard cheeses. The blade has holes in it. This means there’s less contact between the cheese and the knife, so the cheese won’t cave in while you’re cutting it. The cheese also won’t stick to the knife. Cut with subtlety and ease with this wonderful cheese knife.

SoftGrip+ handle

The SoftGrip+ handle makes this cheese knife lie comfortably in your hand. The blade is serrated, which makes the knife extra sharp. The forked tip makes picking up a piece of cheese extremely easy. Let your guests try it out themselves.

Years of enjoyable knife work

The use of stainless steel makes this cheese knife sturdy and strong. This cheese knife comes with a 10 year guarantee. That means you’re good to go for the time being! Don’t feel like washing the knife by hand? No problem. The dishwasher will clean it up.