Dilano Fine Herbs


Cow’s milk
Mild, creamy cheese Spicy taste fine
herbs notes
at least 4 months

Red dry wine
50% f.i.d.m. Rennet type

AMD 2100

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Mild, creamy smooth traditional Dutch cheese, delicately seasoned with fine herbs. Fine herbs has long been recognized for having major health benefits. The tangy aroma of herbs adds a pleasant kick to an otherwise mild cheese. It’s a perfect compliment for salads and sandwiches, ideal for melting and great by itself as a snack.

Dilano Fine Herbs 50% f.i.d.m.

Age: at least 4 months

Nutritional values

Energy: 387 Kcal / 1606 KJ
Protein: 25,2 g
Carbohydrate: 0,0 g
Of wich sugars: 0,0 g
Fats: 31,8 g
Dietary fiber: 0,0 g
Sodium: 719 mg
Calcium: 821 mg


Ingredients: Cow’s milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt, annatto
Fat percentage: 48+ (51,3% fat in dry matter)
Allergens: Cow’s milk